Diuretic activity of a herbal product UNEX

Narendra Nalwaya, E. Edwin Jarald, Suhail Asghar, Showkat Ahmad


In the present study, product UNEX capsules (syn. Herbajules Tricare in Malaysia) was tested for diuretic activity using the Lipschitz
test. The product UNEX containing the extracts of Boerhaavia diffusa and Tribulus terrestris was studied at two dose levels of 600
and 800 mg/kg body weight (p.o.). Standard drug used was furosemide (20 mg/kg body weight) in a 0.9% sodium chloride solution.
Urine volume was recorded for all the groups for 5 hours. The product UNEX exhibited significant diuretic activity at doses of 600
and 800 mg/kg body weight as evidenced by increased total urine volume and the urine concentration of Na+, K+, and Cl−. The result
thus supports the use of product UNEX as diuretic.
Key words: UNEX capsules, diuretic activity, lipschitz test, Boerhaavia diffusa, Tribulus terrestris, flame photometry

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