Topical dosages forms (Lepa Kalpana) of Ayurveda: An unexplored treasure

Shilpa Patil


Human physic receives the drug in two-ways. One through direct routs, i.e. through apertures of the body and another one are through the whole surface of the body. Absorption of drugs through body surface deserves special care for its optimum delivery. Ayurvedic Lepas do exit from the time immemorial from Vedas to Samhitas and in practice in a concurrent era too. This review article is the sincere attempt to summarize all the facts regarding Lepa Kalpana of Ayurveda. It includes its exploration in terms of therapeutics, cosmaceutics, and neutraceutics mentioned in various classical treatises specially mentioned in Schedule I of Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940. We tried to reveal adaptations of advanced technologies and its impact in the manufacturing of Ayurvedic Lepa licensed as classical and patent and proprietary medicines. In our critical analysis of facts, we had established that technology initiation in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines, especially in Lepa Kalpana is like value addition in its pharmaceutics and therapeutic characteristics. The market of Ayurvedic cosmeceuticals is enhancing day-by-day. People believe in safety and efficacy of Ayurvedic topical applications. These are protective and promotive to skin as these are free from artificial chemicals. Still many formulations of Ayurveda are waiting for its reach to the common public that have been claimed for its clinical connotations for beauty and glowing skin; the first desire of women of any age. Tremendous business opportunity is hidden in the literature of Ayurveda for which we invite everyone interested to serve humanity through Ayurveda.

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