Evaluation of Lohanam Maranam Shreshtham…….in context of Rasa Bhasma preparation

Chinky Goyal


Aims: Bhasmas of various metals and minerals that are prepared using Parada are considered to be superior
to those prepared with Kashtoushadhis and Gandhakaadi dravyas. Rasa Bhasma is one such preparation with
indications of hepatic disorders. Materials and Methods: The preparation of Rasa Bhasma using Gorvara Puta
as per the reference of Rasa Chintamani was explained, including the Shodhana of Hingula, Parada Nishkaasana,
Hingulottha Parada Shodhana, the preparation of Apamarga Kshara, and Bhringaraja Swarasa. Results: The
color of Rasa Bhasma was found to be grey. The initial weight of Parada before puta was 100 g, the final
weight of Rasa Bhasma was found to be 50 g. Conclusion: Preparation of Rasa Bhasma using Gorvara Puta in
Deepaagni for 8 h is the simplest and quickest method by which Rasa Bhasma can be achieved in a single puta
with easily available associated drugs. Hence, it can be concluded that Parada has to be subjected to Gorvara
Puta for 8 h for its complete conversion into Bhasmaas, per the findings of the present research work.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22377/ijgp.v17i03.3478


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