A preliminary test and analysis to identify the presence of cefadroxil-resistant microbes in drinking water of prominent areas of Anantapur Urban

M. Poojitha


Introduction: With the increase in the usage of OTC antibiotics, there are growing chances of antibiotic misuse,
resulting in the emergence of antibiotic insensitivity in humans and antibiotic resistance in microorganisms. The
increasing trend of antibiotic-resistant organisms necessitates a preliminary survey to identify the presence of
antibiotic-resistant organisms in the populated areas of Anantapur urban. Methods: Highly populated areas of
Anantapur were selected based on the population density data collected from the officials of village secretariats
(“Grama Sachivalayam,” an official term given by the State Government of Andhra Pradesh in Telugu Language).
Random sampling of household drinking water from each area was carried out, and these samples were subjected
to antibiotic resistance testing against cefadroxil in the laboratory. Results: The results indicate the presence of
cefadroxil-resistant bacteria in almost 11 areas out of 15 tested. It also shows the presence of cefadroxil-resistant
bacterial and fungal species in the water samples collected and tested. Conclusion: This study intensifies the
importance of extending this to different areas of Anantapur to ascertain the complete picture of the antibiotic
resistance state of the microbes by including other antibiotics also.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22377/ijgp.v17i03.3477


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