Tobacco use in Indian high-school students

Ranabir Pal, Dechenla Tsering


To assess the prevalence rate of tobacco use among high-school students in India, we had done a systematic review. Through an
extensive search in the indexed literature and website-based population survey reports, 15 epidemiologic studies were identified of tobacco use among Indian high-school (6th-12th classes) students from 200 potentially relevant articles during 1991-2007. We included those articles that had been included at least once in life-time experience as positive cases. Wide differences in samples and primary outcome variables in these studies were observed. The median prevalence of ever users of tobacco was 18.15% and IQR 9.42-53.9%. In 13-15 years old male and female students had the prevalence of 14.00% with IQR 8.50-22.50% and 6.34% with IQR 1.9020.00%,
respectively. This new finding indicates the that prevalence of tobacco ever use among high-school students in India is quiet high.
Key words: Ever users, tobacco, high school students

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