Standardization and antioxidant activity of an Ayurvedic formulation “Kushavleha”

Santosh Kumar Maurya


Background: Kushavleha, an Ayurvedic polyherbal formulation is an effective medicine for urinary calculi and many more. The present study was carried out to standardize the formulation and established its antioxidant activity in vitro. Methods: The formulation was prepared in the laboratory with authenticated plant drugs. The standardization procedure was conducted on the basis of pharmacognostical and phytochemical parameters as directed by World Health Organization guidelines. Results: Powder study of Kushavleha shows several diagnostic characters such as starch with concentric hilum, pitted vessel, stone cells, fiber with oil globules, pollen grains, lignified fiber epidermis of testa, unicellular trichome and stellate trichome. However some major phytoconstituents like flavonoids, phenolics, tannins, steroids, glycosides, alkaloids and amino acids were found to be positive in preliminary phytoconstituent screening of formulation. Total phenolic, tannin, flavonoid and flavonol content were found to be 144.60 ± 0.41 mg/g in gallic acid equivalent, 123 ± 0.53 mg/g in tannic acid equivalent, 69 ± 0.12 mg/g in rutin equivalent and 0.61 ± 0.27 mg/g in rutin equivalent respectively. Moreover, total solid content, fat content, sugar content, reducing sugar and non reducing sugar were found to be 69 % (w/w), 3.08% (w/w), 68.70% (w/w), 14.21% (w/w) and 54.49% (w/w) respectively. The formulation also exhibited potential antioxidant activity in in vitro DPPH scavenging screening with an IC50 of 63.80 μg/mL. Conclusion: The present result will help in the quality control standardization tool for the manufacturing and processing of Kushavleha.

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