Cosmeceutical assets of ancient and contemporary ayurvedic astuteness

Kapil Deo Yadav


Cosmeceuticals are topical pharmaceutical hybrids intended to enhance the beauty that provides additional healthrelated function. Skin acts as a natural barrier between internal and external environments thus play an important role in vital biological functions such as protection against mechanical/chemical damages, microorganisms, and ultraviolet damage. All most all manuscripts of ayurvedic literature are full of cosmeceutical product, but these are spread throughout manuscripts along with their rationality. In the current scenario, different companies are manufacturing ayurvedic cosmeceutical product by taking some of the ingredients of different cosmeceutical formulation mentioned in ayurvedic texts. The basic approach of these two different groups of the formulation is different from each other, but their ultimate goal is to enhance the personal appearance of a person. It is observed that classical ayurvedic cosmeceutical formulation may act through improvement of the general condition of the person as well as the direct impact of skin and hair, whereas contemporary cosmeceuticals product enhances beauty mainly by the direct impact of skin and hair than general condition of the person.

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