Pharmacognostic study and establishment of quality parameter for medicinal plant of Dipterocarpaceae in Northeastern state Tripura

Diptanu Biswas


Background: Dipterocarpus turbinatus and Shorea robosta are widely distributed in the Northeastern state of
Tripura. Tribals of Tripura used both the plant and plant derived product for various purposes in their daily life.
Aim: The present investigation deals with the macroscopic, microscopic, and preliminary phytochemical screening
to establish quality parameters for evaluation of the bark and bark powder of D. turbinatus and S. robosta.
Materials and Methods: The microscopic study was done by Magnus lab photomicroscope and physicochemical
properties were studied by standard procedure. Barks for these studies were procured from Tripura. Results: Chief
characters of the transverse section and powder of the drugs include cork, cortex, parenchymatous cells, stone
cell, lignified fiber, and calcium oxalate crystals along with the abundant amount of starch grains. In quantitative,
microscopy length and width of lignified fiber and diameter of starch grains had been measured, which shows a
significant difference between the two plants of the same family. Physiochemical and preliminary phytochemical
evaluation of both the plants show the difference in alkaloid and sponin content. The chief chemical entity present
in both the plants includes steroids, flavonoids, terpenoids, and tannins. Conclusion: The established parameter
can be used as a biological standard to identify both the plants.

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