Evaluation of wound‑healing effect of Ziziphus mauritiana L. leaf extract in rats

Meera Sumanth, Y. R. Bhargavi


Background: Ziziphus mauritiana L. leaves are used traditionally for burns, wounds, inflamed parts, hypertension and as a diuretic.
Objective: To evaluate the wound‑healing property of ethanol extract of Ziziphus mauritiana L. leaf (EEZM) on rats using excision, incision and dead space wound models. Materials and Methods: Wistar albino rats (150 − 200 gm) were divided into four groups (n = 6). Group I (control) animals received no treatment, group II animals were given EEZM 300 mg/kg orally, group III animals were applied EEZM gel, 100 mg/cm2 and group IV animals were applied Framycetin skin cream, 100 mg/cm2 topically. In incision and dead space wound models, the treatment was given for 10 days only from the day of wound, skin‑breaking strength and dry granulation tissue weight were estimated in incision wound model. Hydroxyproline content was estimated in dead space wound model. In excision
wound model, treatment continued till the complete healing of the wound. Rate of wound contraction and period of epithelisation was evaluated thereafter. The data was analyzed by one‑way ANOVA, followed by Dunnett’s test. P <0.05 is considered significant.
Results: EEZM increased the rate of wound contraction, decreased period of epithelisation, increased skin‑breaking strength and
dry granulation tissue weight, elevated hydroxyproline content.
Conclusion: Ziziphus mauritiana possesses wound healing activity.
Key words: Period of epithelisation, skin breaking strength, wound healing, wound contraction, Ziziphus mauritiana

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