Genotoxicity studies of Rheumavedic capsule

Meera Sumanth, Nandeep Ramaiah, Mohammed Ismail, Narasimharaju Kalindini


Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic systemic autoimmune disorder and the drugs used to treat are taken for a long
period of time, so it is necessary to ensure that Rheumavedic (RV) capsule, used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, is free
from any toxicity. The present study was taken up to evaluate the genotoxic potential of RV capsule. Swiss albino mice
(25–30 g) were divided into eight groups (n=6). Control mice received vehicle (2 ml distilled water, p.o.), Group II,
III, IV mice received cyclophosphamide (CPA) dissolved in vehicle, Group V animals received RV (780 mg/kg,p.o.×7
days), Group VI, VII, VIII animals received RV for seven days followed by CPA on the 7th day. Animals were sacrificed
after 24 (Group II and VI), 48 (Group III and VII) and 72 h (Group IV and VIII) of CPA challenge. Bone marrow
micronucleus test (MNT) and chromosomal aberration test was carried out against CPA-induced clastogenicity
(100 mg/kg, IP) in mouse. One-way ANOVA, Post-hock analysis by Tukey’s multiple comparison tests was done using
GraphPad Prism 5. There was no significant decrease in micronucleus formation and chromosomal aberrations in RV-treated mice against CPA-induced clastogenicity. RV is free of genotoxicity, but do not have antigenotoxic effect.
Key words: Bone marrow, chromosomal aberrations, cyclophosphamide, Rheumavedic, micronucleus

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