Pharmacognostic characterization of stem and leaf of Stylosanthes fruticosa – A fodder plant

S. Sriram


Background: Scientific studies on fodder crops have been few and far between to document. The present work is an attempt to study the pharmacognostic features of a fodder plant Stylosanthes fruticosa. Materials and Methods: Botanical characterization and histochemical localization of the stem and leaves of S. fruticosa were characterized by standard methods as prescribed in the Ayurveda Pharmacopoeia of India. Results: The transverse section (TS) of stem revealed the presence of epidermis, subepidermis, chlorenchyma, cortex, vascular bundles, and pith region and the TS of leaf revealed the presence of dorsiventral nature of leaf. Histochemical localization showed the presence of starch grains, calcium oxalate crystals, and lignin in stem and presence of alkaloids both in the stem and leaf. Conclusion: This study is a detailed account of the distinct pharmacognostic features of the stem and leaf of S. fruticosa.

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