Indoor medicinal plants: Beneficial biocatalysts for air filtration and bioremediation – A review

L. Inbathamizh


The development of technology enhances the need for eco-friendly measures to improve the quality of life. Plants are the natural bioreactors that have to be explored for their resourceful applications. Some of the significant indoor medicinal plants with high environmental values are Areca palm, Aloe vera, English ivy, Spider plant, and Bamboo palm. These indoor plants through their natural mechanisms possess a unique property of air filtration. They filter out air pollutants such as benzene, xylene, toluene, formaldehyde, and other chemicals that produce deleterious effects, especially in children, pregnant women, and aged people. They further degrade waste and reduce pollution through bioremediation. These plants also possess bioactive phytocomponents that enable them to be utilized widely for therapeutic, commercial, and industrial purposes. This review describes these five plants as natural air purifiers, along with their medicinal values and other benefits, emphasizing their significant biocatalytic role in bringing forth a clean and healthy environment.

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