Isolation and characterization of flavonoid glycoside from Cordia obliqua Willd. leaf

Richa Gupta


Aim: Cordia obliqua Willd. (Clammy cherry) tree of family Boraginaceae and genus Cordia is a medium-sized
deciduous tree and very well distributed all over India as well as other warmer regions of the world. Objective: The
objective of the study was to isolate phytoconstituent from C. obliqua leaf methanol extract by column chromatography
and characterization by various spectroscopic techniques such as ultraviolet-visible, infrared, nuclear magnetic
resonance, ,and mass. Materials and Methods: The C. obliqua leaf methanol extract was prepared by successive
solvent extraction using Soxhlet apparatus. The methanol extract was found rich in phytoconstituents with the help
of chemical tests, and also it was found effective against pain, inflammation, and pyrexia in experimental animal
studies. Hence, methanol extract was selected for isolation of important plant constituents by column chromatography.
The column was carried out with the different solvent system used in particular ratios. A total of 50 fractions were
collected and studied by thin-layer chromatography for pooling. The pooled F2 fraction was further studied by
spectroscopic techniques to characterize the compound. Result: On isolation by column chromatography, a flavonol
glycoside molecule of quercetin aglycone “3’-O-Methyl Quercetin-3-glucose-6-gallic acid” was characterized by
spectroscopic techniques. It justified the effect of leaf extract in the treatment of pain, swelling, and inflammation
and also as an antioxidant because flavonoids are a group of therapeutic active compounds due to their supreme
antioxidant action. Conclusion: It was concluded that C. obliqua leaf methanol extract was rich in plant constituents
and also has a number of therapeutic active constituents which suggest the plant used for other activities.

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