Standard manufacturing procedure of Malla Sindura

Vivek Kumar


Background: Malla Sindura (MS) is one of the Kupipakwa Rasayanas prepared by a unique pharmaceutical process in Valuka Yantra, a specialized graduated heating system. In recent time, an electric muffle furnace is specialized and designed for Kupipakwa Rasayan. It is one such medicament indicated mainly in diseases such as Shwasa, Kasa (respiratory disorders), and is thought to be an effective drug in combating Vedana and Vataroga hara property. Aim: The aim of this study is to establish the standard manufacturing process for MS. Objectives: (1) To achieve good quality product, (2) to establish the quality control parameter. Design: Pharmaceutical standardization. Materials and Methods: Extracted murury (Hingulottha Parad) and purified sulfur (Shodhita Gandhaka) are mixed to make fine lusterless black powder (Nischand Kajjai); it was mixed with purified arsenic trioxide (Shudh Somal) and titurated for 6 h. After proper mixing, sufficient quantity of Aloe vera juice (Kumari Swarasa) was added for Bhavana and ground into a fine powder. The powder thus formed was filled in the Kupi and processed in an electrical muffle furnace for 48 h at graded heating (Mridu, Madhyam, and Tivra). On cooling, the product was collected formed the neck of the Kupi. Organoleptic and physicochemical parameters of MS were analyzed and tabulated. Conclusion: MS is a Kanthasta Kupipakva Rasayana. It requires Mṛidu (<250°C) and Madhyamagni (250-450°C) for 40 and 8 h of Tivraagni each to prepare MS with 52.10% yield with following parameters mentioned in Ayurvedic Pharmacopeia of India.

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