Pharmacognostical and phytochemical evaluation of Tryoshnadi Guggulu Vati: An ayurvedic polyherbal formulation

Dr. Bharat Chhaganbhai Padhar


Introduction: Tryoshnadi Guggulu Vati, a polyherbal formulation is recommended for the management of diseases due to Medodushti (abnormal fat metabolism) like obesity, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, coronary artery diseases, etc. Though
Tryoshnadi Guggulu Vati is widely used for the treatment of diseases due to abnormal metabolism, but till date, its pharmacognostical and pharmaceutical study has not been carried out. Aim: Authentication of raw drug of Tryoshnadi Guggulu Vati and phytochemical evaluation of finished product. Materials and Methods: The present study deals with the pharmacognostical identification of the ingredients of Tryoshnadi Guggulu Vati and its physicochemical analysis.

Results: Powder microscopy revealed the presence of annularvessels of Musta, starch grains of Vacha, stone cells of Pippali, stone cells of Chitraka, oleoresins of Shunthi, starch grains of Musta,etc., Physicochemical parameters such as total ash value (15.91%), water soluble extract (13.5%), methanol soluble extract (17.2%)were assessed in preliminary physicochemical scanning. High‐performance thin layer chromatography (HPTLC) revealed maximum 10 spots in short wave ultraviolet (UV) 254 nm. And four spots were obtained in long wave UV 366 nm. Conclusion: Pharmacognostical study revealed genuinity of raw drugs. Physicochemical and HPTLC studies inferred that the formulation meets the minimum quality standards as reported in the American Petroleum Institute at a preliminary level. The inference from this study may be used as reference standard in the further quality control researches.

Key words: High‐performance thin layer chromatography, pharmacognosy, physicochemical analysis, Tryoshnadi GugguluVati

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