Knowledge is power if you hone it

Dr. Ranabir Pal


Diabetes has become one of the major global public health problems of this new millennium. There is dire need for truthful “Continuing Medical Education” for healthcare professional of all shades and spectrum to be aware of their historical role to provide necessary advices on Diabetes to their stakeholders at every intersection. Let us not place the fate of average Indians at the mercy of health care providers who are too busy to get time to be updated regarding preventive measures to reduce prevalence and downstream complications of this “silent” killer. The unremitting progressions of the concepts of diet and nutrition issues amid lifestyle management need to be internalized and advocated in the light of holistic approaches to the management to the diabetics on one hand and caregivers as well as nondiabetics on the other hand. The authors wish to emphasize on the importance of philosophy of the voluntary and perpetual updating of knowledge, on diet and appropriate lifestyle, of the health care providers of all shades and all levels for our mission and vision of health promotion with the example of diabetes at this juncture.

Key words: Diabetes, diet, nutrition

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