Pharmaceutical standardisation of “Balachaturbhadrika Sharkar” prepared using different sweeteners

Dr. Chinky Goyal


Aim: With an aim to prepare an efficacious and palatable dosage form for common childhood disorders,
a standard operating procedure for pharmaceutical preparation of “Balachaturbhadrika Sharkara” using
different sweeteners, i.e., sugar, honey, jaggery, and stevia, has been developed in the present research work.
Materials and Methods: A pilot-scale study has been carried out by various experiments to generate data for
optimization of the sugar concentration and method of preparation, which are physically and chemically stable.
Four samples of Balachaturbhadrika Sharkara were prepared using all four sweetening agents and the sand
process for standard of Balachaturbhadrika Sharkara was set as a quality specification for the same. Results and
Disucssion: The optimal sugar concentration for sugar, jaggery, and honey came out to be 66.7% and 6.7% for
stevia, as per the results of the pilot study. All the samples had a dark brown appearance except the stevia-based
sample. Early completion of Sharkara preparation occurs with stevia, with the sample being colorless as well as
odorless. Conclusion: Among all the four samples, syrup prepared with stevia is low in calorific value and can
also be useful for diabetes patients.

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