Global regulatory scenario of indigenous medicines with respect to Covid-19

Saba Maanvizhi


As coronavirus disease-19 (COVID-19) instances still exist in an alarming manner, there are no efficient and
effective remedies or treatment to fight against the deadly coronavirus infection. The morbidity rate concerned
with COVID-19 also shoots up in the case of individuals with a weak immune system such as children, older
patients, or sufferers with already have health-related problems. In the present, herbal medicinal products can
serve as healing agents, to assist human beings in combating the COVID-19 infection through boosting their
immune responses. Herbal remedies must fulfill the regulatory standards of quality, safety, and efficacy to get
market approval. At present, the requirements and regulations of herbal remedies differ based on the regulatory
requirement of country, which raises a dispute for the manufacturing of standardized herbal remedies in the global
market. The main intention of this review article is to compile and discuss various traditional herbal medicine
and their remedies to assist in strengthening the immune system and even plays the better role in fighting against

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