Frontline demonstration on effect of bunch cover in banana for quality production of banana fruits

Ganesh Das


Aim: To assess the effect of bunch cover for quality production in banana (Musa AAB, cv. Malbhog) over control of plants having uncovered bunches. Materials and Methods: The front line demonstration was conducted at Khagribari and Dakhin Barosakdal village of Cooch Behar district, West Bengal, India, during the year 2011-2014. The experiment was conducted on farmers’ field comprising 14 plots at different location. Each plot consisted of 150 numbers of plants. The bunches of the plants cover with nonwoven polypropylene skirt bag were compared against the normal farmers’ practice of without covering the bunch. Result: In this study, fruits under bunch cover showed significantly lower scarring beetle infestation (1.8%) as compared to fruits of uncovered bunches (98.5%). Significant increase in fruit weight and bunch weight were recorded to the tune of 7.5% and 4.4%, respectively, whereas shooting-harvest interval was reduced by 8 days under cover as compared to control. Banana fruits grown under cover had minimal bruises (2-5%) and were significantly cleaner from dust, spider web, and bird drops at harvest over control (50%). Conclusion: It may be concluded that covered bunch banana fruits more attractive to the consumers, and this phenomenon led the farmers to avail higher market price as well as significantly higher net profit over control.

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