Influence of organic nitrogen supplementation on yield of paddy straw mushroom, Volvariella volvacea (Bull. Ex Fr.) Sing.

Kiran Kumar Nannapaneni


Aim: The present disquisition was intended to study the influence of organic nitrogen supplements on the yield of Volvariella volvacea strain CBE TNAU 1505. Materials and Methods: Horse gram seed powder, tamarind seed powder (obtained after removing the fruit pulp from tamarind fruit pod), and silkworm pupal waste powder were supplemented to paddy straw based mushroom beds. Beds are placed in poly house for cropping at 32-35°C and relative humidity of 80-85%. Results and Discussion: Supplementation of beds with horse gram and tamarind seed powder (1:1 w/w) at 2% level has increased the spawn run and yield (1226.3 g/5 kg of substrate recording 24.5% bio-efficiency). Horse gram + silkworm pupal powder (1:1) and tamarind seed powder + silkworm pupal powder (1:1) were found to be poor supplements. Beds supplemented with pupal powder favored the growth of Coprinus spp. Uptick in the yield on supplementation with tamarind seed and horse gram seed powder (1:1 ratio) is attributable to uniform spread of the combination of horse gram and tamarind seed powder as analogized to horse gram and tamarind seed powder alone. The mixture would have increased the proteinase activity due to the hydrolytic action of proteolytic enzymes. Conclusion: Amalgam of tamarind seed powder and horse gram seed powder escalated the yield of V. volvacea strain CBE TNAU 1505. Strain-specific response of V. volvacea to bed supplements needs future attention.

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