The essential oil from Vanillosmopsis arborea Baker (Asteraceae) presents antinociceptive, anti‐inflammatory, and sedative effects

Dr. José Galberto Martins da Costa


Background: The essential oil from Vanillosmopsis arborea (EOVA) Baker is rich in (‐)‐α‐bisabolol. Investigations demonstrated its
gastroprotective, larvicidal, and visceral antinociceptive activities. Aims: The present study aimed to elucidate the antinociceptive,
anti‐inflammatory and sedative properties of the EOVA Baker in mice. Materials and Methods: The antinociceptive and
anti‐inflammatory activities were assessed using the abdominal constriction, formalin and carrageenan‐induced paw edema models,respectively. The sedative property was detected by the open‐field and sleeping time tests. Results were analyzed by ANOVA, followed by Student‐Newman–Keuls test. Results: EOVA, after intraperitoneal administration, produced an inhibition of the acetic acid‐induced writhing in mice. In addition, the same doses were able to inhibit both the early and late phases of the formalin‐induced nociception. EOVA produced inhibition in the carrageenan‐induced edema model, reduced the spontaneous motor activity and prolonged the sleeping time induced by pentobarbital. Conclusion: The experimental data demonstrated that EOVA showed antinociceptive,anti‐inflammatory, and sedative activities.

Key words: Anti-inflammatory agents, antinociceptive agents, essential oils, sedative effect

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