Acaricidal potential of various plant natural products: A review

Dr. Ravi Kant Upadhyay


The present review article describes anti-tick efficacy of various plant natural products, that is, plant extracts, pure bioorganic compounds, essential oils (EOs), and its components. This review indicates rising problem of resistance to chemical acaricides in ticks and environmental toxicity due to its residual effects. Both EOs and pure molecules show synergistic effects. These act as strong herbal repellents and reduce tick bite exposure and transmission of pathogens. Repellents can be used topically or in impregnated clothing to avoid tick bites. These plant origin acaricides showed significant mortality in ticks, these were proved eco-friendly, biodegradable and have no side effect to the environment. Furthermore, acaricide-resistant strains of the cattle tick can be controlled by using Metarhizium anisopliae fungus found on field and farmyard livestock. The present review suggests the use of herbal preparations to replace the highly toxic chemical acaricides for the control of the population of cattle ticks. For more effective control of tick population, integrated tick management must be used by the farmers, dairy owners, veterinarians, and clinicians.

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