A comparative anti-inflammatory and antioxidative potent of Nigella sativa seeds extract and its oil

Mohammad Israil Ansari


Objective: The purpose of the current work is to elucidate the therapeutic property of Nigella sativa seeds (methanolic extract and seeds oil). The extent of activity and correlation has been studied. Materials and Methods: N. sativa seeds used to prepare methanolic extract and its oil are used to investigate in vitro anti-inflammation and total antioxidative property. Results: The analysis revealed that protein (albumin) denaturation was inhibited maximum in seeds oil of N. sativa with 82.966 ± 3.704%. Proteinase inhibitory action of seeds oil showed significant action and was found to be maximum with 39.623 ± 5.820%. Heat-induced hemolysis of erythrocytes showed that it was found maximum inhibition with 65.866 ± 3.066% while hypotonicity-induced hemolysis activity was done that it was found maximum inhibition with 69.109 ± 3.054%. When anti-lipoxygenase and cyclooxygenase activities were estimated, it was found maximum in seeds oil with 83.383 ± 3.294% and 64.863 ± 4.029%, respectively. When antioxidant activity was observed, it was found maximum in oil with 85.201 ± 4.235%. When two-way ANOVA was applied between various parameters, it was found significant with P < 0.05. However, when correlation was established between various anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities, a strong positive correlation of 0.9 was obtained. Conclusion: An overall strong positive correlation between anti-inflammatory and antioxidative property was found, signifying that the antioxidative property of N. sativa might be accountable for its anti-inflammatory action. Further, it was found that its seeds oil holds better quantity and types of phytochemicals which possess significant anti-inflammatory and antioxidative property. Thus, more efforts are desirable to effusively elucidate the antioxidants accountable for its anti-inflammation action, therefore, to develop improved herbal drug formulations.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22377/ijgp.v13i04.2709


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