Determination of sugars and fructans content in Stachys sieboldii

Iryna Dakhym


Aim: This study aims to determine carbohydrate content of Stachys sieboldii herb and tubers, in particular, its sugars and fructans composition. The resulting data will be used with the further purpose to produce new hypoglycemic drugs of natural origin. Materials and Methods: Tubers and herb of Chinese artichoke (S. sieboldii Miq.) were analyzed for the content of sugars by gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry (GC/MS). Content of fructans was measured using spectrophotometry. Results and Discussion: The results of GC/MS analysis showed that in S. sieboldii herb glucose had the highest content (16.08 mg/g), followed by fructose (22.49 mg/g) and saccharose (24.34 mg/g). In the tubers, saccharose was the main compound (392.94 mg/g). In S. sieboldii, tubers were determined to have higher fructans content (39.92 ± 0.15%) compared to herb (20.48 ± 0.14%). Conclusion: The results show that S. sieboldii is a rich source of these important biologically active substances. These data on sugars and fructans content can be used in further studies on the spectrum of hypoglycemic action.

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