Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis of volatile oil obtained from Aegle marmelos leaves collected from foothills of Shivalik range

Shabir Shidhu


Aim: Aegle marmelos (L.) Correa belongs to the Rutaceae family and is abundantly available all over India, and almost every part of this plant is used in traditional medicine. Materials and Methods: In the present work, we isolated volatile oil using the standard method of hydrodistillation from the leaves of A. marmelos. Further, the analysis of the oil was performed by capillary gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Results and Discussion: The percentage yield of oil was 0.91 (v/m). Further, the analysis of the oil resulted in the identification of 13compounds comprising more than 85 % of the total oil. The leaf oil was constituted mainly of monoterpene compounds, and the major compounds included a relatively stable terpene-limonene (67.83 %) and caryophyllene (8.76 %).

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