Phytochemical investigation and technology production of alkaloids in the Kazakh endemic plant Echinops albicaulis Kar.Et Kir. (Asteraceae)

U. M. Datkhayev


Aim: Search the main sources of biologically active substances from raw materials of plant genus Echinops L. standardization of extracts from raw materials of plant genus Echinops L. Materials and Methods: Ultraviolet spectroscopy, one-dimensional paper chromatography, atomic adsorption spectroscopy, gas-liquid chromatography method, concentration and sublimation method, mass spectroscopy, and nuclear magnetic resonance. Results and Discussion: Two major alkaloids were isolated from the ethanol extract of Echinops albicaulis. The isolated compounds were chemically identified as echinopsin (1)1-methyl-4(1H)-quinolone; 1,4-dihydro-1-methyl-4-oxoquinoline; N-methyl-4quinolone (C10H9NO), echinorin (2)1-methyl-4-methoxyquinolinium (C11H12NO). Compounds FR-100-2 showed antileishmanial activity against Leishmania donovani and Trypanosoma brucei with IC90 values of 5.33 μg/ml and 1.8 μg/ml, respectively. A technological scheme for the preparation of a drug substance from plants Echinops L. Conclusion: The study indicates that in endemic plants contain a large amount of alkaloids; this is necessary for the standardization of plants. What are the excipients which can be used for making pill of apple cider vinegar a useful active ingredient as a diet supplement and antiobesity formulation.

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