Analgesic activity of various extracts of leaves of azima tetracantha lam.

T. D. Nandgude, A. P. Bhojwani, Krishna Kinage


The extracts of leaves of Azima tetracantha lam were screened to evaluate analgesic activity in healthy mice using hot plate method. The leaves of Azima tetracantha were collected from the local areas of Trichy district, Tamil Nadu and shade dried. The dried powdered leaves (500 gm) were extracted in the soxhlet apparatus by using different solvents. Healthy mice weighing 20-25 gm were taken for the experiment. The reaction time of animals in all groups was noted at 15, 30 and 60 min. after drug administration. All data were analysed with student-t test. The various extract of the leaves of Azima tetracantha showed significant analgesic activity at a dose of 100 mg/kg
body weight. A maximum analgesic activity was found at 30 min., after drug administration, which was near equivalent to that of
morphine sulphate.
Key words: Azima tetracantha lam, Extraction, Analgesic, Mice.

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