Efficacy of proimmu on oestrogen induced uterine damage in rat.

Madhuri Sharma, Govind P. Pandey


In the present study, effect of ProImmu on oestrogen induced uterine cytotoxicity has been evaluated. Three groups of healthy adult female albino rats having six rats in each group were taken. The rats of groups 2 and 3 were administered ethinyl oestradiol (EO, a semisynthetic oestrogen) @ 750 μg/kg body weight, orally once a week for 12 weeks. However, the rats of group 1 (normal) were given saline alone. After 12 weeks, the rats of group 3 were administered ProImmu @ 100 mg/kg, orally daily for 3 weeks. After the experimental periods, the rats were sacrificed and the histopathological study of uteri was performed. The uterine tissues of the rats of group 2 showed marked vascular congestion, epithelial necrosis and fibrous tissue proliferation. The fibrosis was extensive resulting into
compression of endometrial glands. Desquamation of glandular epithelium was also observed. However, in group 3, endometrial tissues revealed mild pathological changes as compared to those observed in group 2. Regeneration and normalization of some uterine tissues with mild congestion were also seen at places, indicating that the ProImmu has some cytogenic effects on oestrogen induced uterine damage.
Key words: Uterine damage, oestrogen (ethinyl oestradiol), Proimmu, cytogenic effect, rats.

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