Ethno-pharmacognostical studies of medicinal plants of jashpur district (Chhattisgarh)

Neeli Rose Ekka, Vinod Kumar Dixit


Herbs are mines of useful drugs. Plants play a dynamic role in human life. Health care, which was a part of the traditional culture of the
people, has become a profession in the modern industrial world. Synthetic drugs have given rise to side effects, which in some cases are
more dangerous than the disease. Therefore world's attention has again turned to traditional medicinal system. This paper deals with
the survey of medicinal plants of Jashpur district - a dense forest area. The native tribal for treating various ailments is already using
these plants. The plants collected during the survey were enumerated alphabetically with correct botanical name, family, local name
and uses.
Key words: ethno medicine, traditional medicine, herb healers, Jashpur district.

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