Edible leafy vegetation: source of nutrition for chhattisgarhi people

Bhagyashree Agrawal


Chhattisgarh is located at 80°15’ to 84°24’ E longitude and 17°46’ to 24°5’ N latitude. It is 10th largest state of
India according to land area. It is in the Central part of country. Wild edible plants provide food quality and
contribute as a nutrition source throughout the year. In India, around 800 species are consumed as wild edible
plants. The diversity of leafy vegetables provides different culinary dishes to family diet, helps household food
security, and enhances the nutritional value in diet. The use of wild plants as food has been formed an integral part
of the culture and tradition of many indigenous communities of the world. It constitutes an essential component in
the diet and food security of many tribal communities particularly people living around the forest fringe or in its
vicinity. Various wild leafy vegetables are the virtue of nature to the tribal people throughout the year for fulfilling
their nutritional requirements. The present article is focused on the leafy vegetation eaten by the local and tribal
people of the state as per their nutritional needs.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22377/ijgp.v17i04.3508


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