Amalgamation of ayurveda with allopathy: A synergistic approach for healthy society

Ruchika Nandha, Harpal Singh


In wake of the fact that despite the availability of advanced technologically aided modern medicine system, our society is witnessing a rise in various lifestyle disorders, chronic diseases and development of resistance to the existing remedies; integration of ayurveda with allopathy seems the need of the hour. A novel comprehensive system, if generated by fusion of rich traditional therapies with modern medicine system, can utilize the best of both the systems without disrespecting any and can provide care in disease management, disease
prevention, preservation, protection and health rejuvenation. Amalgamation of ayurveda with allopathy will certainly be able to create a healthy society by developing a healthcare system that is more effective than either system used alone as well as less expensive and less toxic.
Key words: Allopathy, ayurveda, symbiohealth

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