Ethnomedicinal claims of Ficus semicordata Buch.-Ham. ex Sm.: A review

Shashi Gupta


Objective: Ficus semicordata Buch.-Ham. ex Sm. (Moraceae) has been attributed with numerous therapeutic claims in Indian traditional medicinal systems, especially for its ethnomedicinal and economical uses. Present review aims to congregate all available ethnomedicinal information on Ficus semicordata. Material and Methods: Information of all the reported ethnobotanical uses of the Ficus semicordata from available 21 books on ethnobotany and 53 ethnomedicinal research articles have been compiled. The obtained data are arranged in a tabular form, with regards to various local names, as known by different tribes across India, name of the tribe and their area of presence, part used. Therapeutic indications, external (E) and internal (I) usage of the drug are also noted in a separate column with individual references. Results and Discussion: It is observed that various parts of F. semicordata are used to combat several diseases. About 25 external applications and 40 internal administrations are reported. Fruit and root, as a parts used, have maximum applications in 16 disease conditions each. Stem bark is being used in 14, leaves in 9, latex in 7, young twigs and seeds are in 2 each and aerial parts in one diseased condition. Conclusion: Present ethnobotanical review shows the multi-faceted use of Ficus semicordata in varied aspects including its economical usage thus underlining its significance. Reported claimed anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant activities can be further strengthened through pharmacological and clinical studies to establish the ethnic claims like leprosy, wound, boil, liver disorders, gynecological disorders etc.

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