Critical review of Brahma Rasayana W.S.R to its immunomodulatory activity

Dr. Manoj Kumar Dash


Rasayana is one of the eight clinical specialties of Ayurveda. The Rasayana therapy enhance the qualities of Rasa, enhances it with nutrients, so it is useful as longevity, memory, intelligence, optimum development of physique, and sense organs. Brahma Rasayana is one of the most important Rasayana of Ayurvedic texts. It is useful to improve memory and immunity of the body. Brahma Rasayana was found to activate antibody-dependent cytotoxicity significantly. The present review is undertaken for screening herbs (ingredients) of Brahma Rasayana to evaluate their immunomodulatory properties and established the correlation between Rasayana and immunomodulatory effect. Critical review of herbs to show immunomodulatory property is compiled from various Ayurvedic texts as well as from multiple articles on the internet to justify their immunomodulatory property on the basis of data collected. Many of the herbs reviewed of Brahma Rasayana are found to act as immunomodulators as per Ayurveda. This shows their potential to act as antioxidant, anti-stress, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, vaccine adjuvant, or immunity against diseases property. The ingredients of Brahma Rasayana formulation are the herbs among all reviewed in the present study found to exhibit immunomodulatory effect of formulation.

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