Screening of nutritive values, in vitro antioxidant, anticancer and antimicrobial activities from Boletus griseipurpureus Corner

Yuttana Sudjaroen


Background: Boletus griseipurpureus Corner is a popular edible mushroom in the South of Thailand, which were rich in protein and very low in fat and possessed antibacterial. Aims: The aims of the study are to evaluate nutritive values and biological activities of B. griseipurpureus including antioxidant, anticancer, cytotoxicity and antimicrobial activities. Materials and Methods: Nutritive values of fresh mushrooms were analyzed mainly according to AOAC. Total phenolic content (TPC) and antioxidant activity of dichloromethane (BD) and methanol (BM) extracts were performed by of Folin–Ciocalteu reagent; DPPH radical, 2, 2-azinobis (3-ethyl-benzothiazoline-6-sulfonic acid) cation radical scavenging assays and oxygen radical absorbance capacity. Anticancer activities of BD and BM were performed by resazurin microplate assay and tested with five cancer cell lines. Cytotoxicity of BD and BM were performed by same method and used normal cells. Antimicrobial activities of BD and BM against herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) and Mycobacterium tuberculosis were tested according to green fluorescent protein-based assay; Plasmodium falciparum was tested according to microculture radioisotope techniques; antibacterial and anti-Candida albicans tests were performed according to CLSI. Results: The relatively high content of copper, zinc, and selenium was contained in B. griseipurpureus when compared with Thai RDI values. Preferable TPC and antioxidant activities of BD and BM were also revealed. No anticancer activity (to KB, MCF7, NCI-H187, HepG2 and CaCO2 cell lines) and cytotoxicity of (to Vero and human dermal fibroblasts, neonatal cells) from both extracts. Only, BM was inhibited HSV-1 (IC50 = 41.67 μg/ml). Conclusions: The basidiomes of B. griseipurpureus were the relatively high content of antioxidant trace elements; and possessed antioxidant and HSV-1 inhibitory activities.

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