Phytochemical profiling and toxicological studies of Oxalis debilis Kunth leaves

Julfikar Ali Junejo


Background: Phytochemical and toxicological studies are a vital part of modern day food analysis. Oxalis debilis Kunth is a cosmopolitan species and is considered as a wild edible plant having ethnomedicinal importance in India. Objective: The present paper synthesizes the first report related to the different phytochemical, physicochemical screening, and in vivo acute toxicity studies of O. debilis hydro-alcoholic leaves extract. Materials and Methods: The sample was successively extracted through different solvent systems. Preliminary physicochemical and phytochemical studies were evaluated through standard procedure and toxicity of the sample was evaluated through in vivo acute toxicity test as per the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development guidelines, Section 2. Results: The powdered dried leaves of O. debilis found to exhibit fluorescence property and preliminary phytochemical screening confirmed the maximum presence of flavonoids in all the extracts. Thin layer chromatographic analysis revealed maximum distinguishable spots in the methanolic extract. In vivo acute toxicity studies did not show any mortality and change in behavioral pattern in the tested animals. Administration of different concentration of hydro-alcoholic extract of the plant did not alter the biochemical and hematological parameters. Conclusion: Acute toxicological studies are in good agreement with the traditional claim, and thus, the plant can be advocated as a safe food source.

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