Effect of Kanchnar Guggulu in the management of Mansaja Granthi w.s.r. fibroadenoma breast

Dr. Gyanendra Datta Shukla


Introduction: Fibroadenomas of the breast are common accounting for 50% of all the breast biopsies performed. A clinician often faces the deliema, whether to excise the mass or conservatively treat & moniter it during subsequent follow up. Objective: The study was designed to evaluation of clinical efficacy of Kanchnar Guggulu in management of fibroadenomas of the breast. Method: Recent literature on detection, diagnosis, and natural history of fibroadenomas was reviewed. 30 female patients having sign and symptoms of fibroadenomas breast were randomly selected from outdoor/indoor department of Rishikul Ayurvedic P.G. college Haridwar Uttrakhand. A polyherbal compound Kanchnr guggulu was given orally in a dose of 1gm (2 tablet of 500 mg each) twice a day with luke warm water after meal for a duration of 90 days. Result were asscessed on the basis of regression in size of lump. Results: The lumps which were within the range of less than10 mm showed maximum regression in size i.e. 100%, while those lumps which were in the range of 10-12 mm also showed considerable regression of about 87%. Percentage relief in the size of 12-23 mm sized lumps was 75, i.e. even though, not complete but yet remarkable improvement in decrease in size was seen in lumps of probably all sizes. Conclusion: Fibroadenoma are the most common benign lesions of the breast with average age of presentation 27yrs. Although the peak incidence is between the second and third decades of life, it is not uncommon in postmenopausal women, with an increased incidence after hormone replacement therapy. Kanchnar Guggulu showed significant result in management of fibroadenoma Breast.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22377/ijgp.v9i4.580


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