Comparative analysis to report quality parameters of Triphala Churna: Laboratory preparation and marketed formulation

Bhuwanendra Singh


Aim: The current research revealed the quality analysis of two polyherbal formulations (PHF), that is, Triphala
churna by comparative analysis and standardization of laboratory prepared and Marketed Triphala churna.
Triphala Churna is a PHF, rich in antioxidant having great remedial efficacy and it is extensively-used in the
traditional Indian medicinal system, for over 1000 years. Materials and Methods: The churna was prepared
from the raw accoutrement deduced from the plant origin –Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki in equal proportion
(1:1:1) as per ayurveda. Here, different quality tests have been done to assess the quality of the herbs as well
as safety and efficacy of the both formulations. Results: The result is given on the bases of different types
of evaluation tests such as organoleptictest, foreign matter test, phytochemical screening, and physicochemical
properties. Conclusion: Hence, in the final analysis, it was found that both of the formulations have similar values
and found under limits as per the WHO and ayurvedic formulary.

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