An in vitro study to screen Dooshivishari Agada for its acetyl cholinesterase activity in Alzheimer’s disease

C. G. Anushree


Aim: The aim of this study was to screen the Inhibitory activity of Dooshivishari Agada against acetylcholine
esterase. Material and Methods: The inhibition activity of methanol extract Dooshivishari Agada was studied
in vitro using acetyl cholinesterase (ACHE). Acetylthiocholine iodide, ACHE, dithiobis nitro benzoate, donepezil,
and Elman’s reagent were used for the evaluation of inhibition activity. Results and Discussion: Test samples
Dooshivishari Agada (MeOH) extract were tested for ACHE inhibitory activity using colorimetric method in
96-well plates. The results for donepezil and methanol extract of Dooshivishari Agada are – methanol extract has
showed better activity with an IC50 value of 62.37 μg/mL followed by the sample aqueous extract with IC50 value of
106.8 μg/mL. Donepezil used as the standard ACHE inhibitor showed an IC50 of 1.41 μg/mL. Conclusion: The in
vitro study revealed that Dooshivishari Agada extract (Methanol) possess inhibition activity in acetylcholinestrase
and thus inhibition activity of Dooshivishari Agada on acetylcholinestrase. In vitro study is justified.

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