Conventional extraction methods versus novel extraction methods of bioactive compounds from some medicinal plants

Dr. Santosh Ramkrishna Kirtane


Extraction methods of chemical constituents, plant metabolites, phenolic compound, and essential oil are still
interested part for recognition of novel drug compound from medicinal plants. Plants extraction methods have
existed from ancient times to present era. Extraction method is a major step in the preparation of any pharmaceutical
dosage from as well as searching for a new molecule for the preparation of drugs. The extraction methods should
be less time consuming, easy, and cheap, give more yield with or without less solvent, solvent recovery without
any changes in yield and separation of chemical constituents should be easy. There are many extraction methods
which are available nowadays from conventional method to novel extraction method. In these review paper, we
are focus about conventional methods and novel methods of extraction of plants, advantages and disadvantages,
factors affecting the extraction of medicinal plants, and also discussing some points about which method is
superior and satisfactory methods for the extraction of bioactive compounds of plants.

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