Some rare plants of ethnomedicinal properties from Jalgaon district of Maharashtra

Prashant Y. Mali, Vijay V. Bhadane


An extensive ethnobotanical survey was conducted during 2000-2006 in Jalgaon district Maharashtra, India, based on information obtained from tribal and rural people. Two hundred and sixty-two species with medicinal properties were collected. Critical evaluation of abundance and frequency of distribution of collected and identifi ed taxa yielded seven important medicinal plants, which are very rare,namely Eulophia nuda (Orchidaceae), Remusatia vivipara (Araceae), Sterculia villosa (Sterculiaceae), Costus speciosus (Zingiberaceae), Ensete superba (Musaceae), Curcuma psudomontana (Zingiberaceae) and Gloriosa superba (Liliaceae). An urgent protection and conservation measures of habitat and diversity are suggested for posterity. Brief description, distribution along with ethnomedicinal
information such as local name, part used, and modes of administration are given for each species.
Key words: Conservation, Jalgaon district and Maharashtra, medicinal plants, uses

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