A review of radioprotective plants Prasan

Prasan R. Bhandari


Radioprotective compounds have been used to diminish morbidity or mortality produced by ionizing irradiation. Initial developments of such agents concentrated on thiol synthetic compounds, like amifostine. This agent decreased mortality; however, there were difficulties in administering aminothiols that led to adverse effects. Unfortunately, no ideal, safe synthetic radioprotectors are available to date; hence, the exploration for other sources, including plants, has been ongoing for several decades. A methodical screening strategy can offer leads to isolating prospective novel candidate drugs from plant sources, for alleviation of radiation injury. This article reviews some of the most promising plants, and their bioactive principles, that are extensively used in traditional systems of medicine, and which have rendered noteworthy radioprotection in both in vitro and in vivo model systems.
Key words: Plants, radiation‑toxicity, radioprotection

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