Pamam dendrimer - vitamin conjugate for delivery of paclitaxel as anticancer agent

Dr. Pushpendra Kumar Tripathi


Background: The major issues with anticancer agent are that they randomly attack cancerous as well as healthy cell. These are injurious and its side effects can be reduced by developing a drug delivery vehicle. That is particular to tumor cells and this may be achieved by employing a strategy called active targeting strategy wherein the functionalities that respond to over expressed receptors (e.g., biotin, and folate conjunction on dendrimers surface) on tumor cells are attached to the drug carrier. Objective: In the present study, biotin- G4 PAMAM dendrimer conjugates were synthesized and structures were characterized. Materials and Methods: G4 -PAMAM Dendrimers were biotinylated using sulfo-NHS-LC-biotin and structural characterization was performed using 1 H NMR and transmission electron microscopy. The effect of generation and release rate, hemotoxicity with biotinylated dendrimer was performed. Results: The results suggested that biotinylated G4 PAMAM dendrimers may be potential drug carriers for paclitaxel targeting to cancer. Conclusion: Biotinylated G4 -PAMAM dendrimers show potential as nanocarriers in targeted drug delivery. Biotinylation of dendrimer thus reduces the distracted charge-mediated uptake and as well as also rising the in vivo biocompatibility, as seen with decrease in hemotoxicity with biotinylated dendrimers.

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