Green synthesis and characterization of iron nanoparticles from Bauhinia tomentosa

R. Devika


Introduction: Synthesis of metallic nanoparticles using plant extract is inexpensive, easily scaled up, and eco-friendly and their technique has wide open applications in various sectors such as medicine, health, and environment due to its mechanism of action for the betterment of human. The aforesaid challenges and principles of nanoparticles have advanced in the green synthesis utilizing the phytoconstituents to reduce and stabilize the metallic nanoparticles. Materials and Methods: In the investigation, green synthesis of iron nanoparticles from Bauhinia tomentosa was characterized under ultraviolet–visible spectrophotometer, Fourier transform infrared at various concentrations and durations. The characterized iron nanoparticles were analyzed for reducing assay and hydrogen peroxide assay to prove their antioxidant properties and antibacterial properties. Results and Discussion: When the plant extract was added to ferric chloride solution Fe3+ reduced to Fe0 which was indicated by the color change from green into blackish green proved the formation of iron nanomaterials (due to surface Plasmon resonance singularity). The synthesized iron nanomaterials were characterized by different parameters such as proportions (extract: Ferric chloride) and development study at different durations which are identified as factors affecting the yields of nanoparticles and later the nanoparticles were characterized. The reducing power of the iron nanoparticles synthesized from B. tomentosa was investigated by comparing with the reductive ability of ascorbic acid. Reducing power assay has proved to be one of the convenient and rapid screening method for measuring the antioxidant potential. Conclusion: In the present investigation, the plant bioactive constituents of B. tomentosa proved to be highly efficient as reducing agents, antibacterial agent which on further clinical investigation will prove to have high therapeutic value in the medical field.

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