Determination of bacoside A by HPTLC in Bacopa monnieri extract

Om Prakash, Gyanendra N. Singh, Raman M. Singh, Satish C. Mathur, Meenakshi Bajpai, Saroj Yadav


A simple sensitive HPTLC method developed for the determination of bacoside A in the plant Bacopa monnieri extracts. Th e stationary
phase was precoated silica gel GF254. Th e mobile phase used was dichloromethane: methanol: water (4.5: 1.0: 0.1 v/v/v). Th e plate
was scanned and quantifi ed at 225 nm for bacoside A. Th e method was validated in terms of linearity, accuracy and specifi city. Th e proposed HPTLC method provides a faster and cost eff ective qualitative control for routine analysis of bacoside A in extracts containing Bacopa monnieri saponins.
Key words: Analysis, bacoside A, HPTLC

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Table 1: Validation parameters for quantifi cation of

bacoside A by HPTLC

Parameters Results

Precision (% RSD) < 2%

Linearity 8.4 – 50.4 μg/spot

Limit of Detection 3 μg/spot

Limit of Quantifi cation 9.9 μg/spot

Accuracy 98.39 – 100.40 %

Assay 41.5 % w/w

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