Justification of Composition of the Cream with Sapropel Extract

Oksana Strus


Aim: The aim of the study was to work out the composition of cream with extract of sapropel from Prybych deposits, Volyn region, Ukraine, and to determine its organoleptic, physicochemical indices, structural and mechanical (rheological) parameters, colloidal and thermal stability, as well as to justify the choice of effective preservatives. Materials and Methods: The following materials were employed: Extract of sapropel from Prybych deposits; emulsion base, containing corn oil, emulsifier №1, cetylstearyl alcohol, and purified water. To carry out the research a set of methods (centrifugal, thermal, and potentiomentric), to analyze colloidal and thermal stability, and to determine pH values of the tested samples were used. Rheological properties of the samples were determined on the rotating viscometer. Results: There was determined the influence of the extract on physicochemical and rheological properties of the emulsion base; all the experimental samples remain thermally and colloidally stable and have satisfactory organoleptic properties; incorporation of SE into an emulsion base in a concentration of up to 20% retains structural and mechanical properties of the base. Conclusion: As the results of the carried out experimental investigations, the effect of the SE on physicochemical and rheological properties of its emulsion base. Microbiological research showed that the maximum reduction of the number of viable cells of microorganisms was observed applying as preservatives euxyl K 100 (0.1%) and nisin (0.01%).

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22377/ijgp.v13i01.2334


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