Leea macrophylla Roxb. ex Hornem.: An ethnomedicinal, ethnic food, economical, and pharmacological update

Sarvade Dattatray D


Recent ethnobotanical survey studies highlight about various economic and pharmacological uses of plant Leea macrophylla (LM) Roxb. Ex Hornem. (family: Vitaceae). The aim of the article is bird’s eye view of the plant regarding all reported ethnomedicinal information and research works on LM. Information of ethnomedicinal uses of the plant, until December 2018, from available 13 books on ethnobotany, 8 books related to medicinal plants, and 85 research articles on ethnomedicinal claims and pharmacological studies, uses as an ethnic food and economical uses. Information about its use by different tribes across India, parts used, therapeutic indications comprising external (E) and internal (I) usage of drug, recent pharmacological studies, and uses as ethnic food and economical uses are presented in a systematic manner. Root, leaves, and fruits of LM are used in the treatment of various ailments through 26 E applications and 27 I administrations. Root has maximum applications in 31, leaves in 14, seeds in 3, and stem in 1 disease conditions. 12 pre-clinical studies have been conducted on plant to elucidate its pharmacological response in a given disease condition, which includes antiurolithiatic (whole plant), antimicrobial (leaf, seed, and root tuber), anti-inflammatory (leaf), membrane stabilizing (leaf), antithrombotic (leaf and whole plant), hepatoprotective (leaf), antioxidant (leaf), antinociceptive (root), cytotoxic (root), neuroprotective (root), antidiabetic (leaf), wound healing (root tuber), and cardiotonic (whole plant) activity. LM is used as medicine and ethnic food and also for economical usage implying its therapeutic importance. Reported claims can be further revalidated extensive pharmacological and clinical studies, namely bone fractures, healing cut injury, typhoid, sexual weakness, impotency, and cancer.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22377/ijgp.v13i01.2332


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