Calculation of 137Cs accumulation by phytomass of MOTLEY herbs

S. M. Pakshina


Aim: Large-scale development of soils contaminated with artificial radionuclides is accompanied by mandatory determination of 137Cs accumulation factor by crop production. Materials and Methods: The paper proposes to replace the experimental determination of the accumulation coefficient by a numerical method, which was developed on the basis of ideas about the bioremoval of ions from the soil. Results: The calculated KH values were estimated experimentally using the correlation-regression analysis, which revealed a close relationship between them. It has been established that the bioyield of 137Cs depends on the relative transpiration of grass crops or the availability of soil moisture by the root system of plants. Conclusion: It was revealed that the process of 137Cs adsorption by the root system of grasses is more intensive in the period from the renewal of vegetation to the first cut as compared with the period from the first to the second cut.

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