Antidiabetes effects - Combination of cowpea juice (Vigna sinensis L.), tomato juice (Solanum lycopersicum L.), and green apple juice (Malus sylvestris Mill.) in white male mice

Mhd. Riza Marjoni


Aim: This study attempts to know the right combination of juice cowpea, tomatoes, and an green apple to a decrease in blood glucose levels in white male mice-induced alloxan 200 mg/kg BW. Materials and Methods: White male mice are grouped into six treatment groups: Normal control, negative controls (CMC-Na 0.5%), positive control (metformin HCl dose of 20 mg/Kg BW), JC I (1:1:1), JC II (0.5:0.5:0.5), and JC III (0.25:0.25:0.25). All groups except normal control induced alloxan dose of 200 mg/Kg BW on the day 0, and treatment continued from day 1 to day 24. The data obtained were blood glucose level of mice before and after treatment. Blood glucose level data were analyzed using Shapiro–Wilk test and continued by analysis of variance with α = 0.01. Results and Discussion: The results showed that there was a decrease in blood glucose level a combination of cowpea juice, tomato juice, and green apple juice at P < 0.01. Conclusion: Combination of cowpea juice, tomatoes, and green apple more effectively lowers the blood glucose levels on white male mice compare from the use of plants singly.

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