An experimental evaluation of in vitro immunomodulatory activity of isolated compound of Ricinus communis on human neutrophils

Arvind Kumar, Vaishali Singh, Sourav Ghosh


In the present study, the in vitro immunomodulatory activity of Ricinus communis Linn (Euphorbiaceae) was determined on human neutrophils. The isolated compound (tannin) of R. communis leaves was screened for its possible immunomodulatory activity by carrying out nitroblue tetrazolium test, phagocytosis of killed Candida albicans, neutrophil locomotion and chemotaxis. The isolated compound was tested at concentrations, viz. 10 μg/ml, 20 μg/ml, 40 μg/ml, 100 μg/ml and 1000 μg/ml. The isolated compound of
R. communis showed predominantly significant activity on human neutrophils in all the parameters tested, which was comparable
to the standard and control at different concentrations, indicating the possible immunostimulating effect.
Key words: Human neutrophils, immunomodulatory, Ricinus communis, tannin

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