Recent development in novel drug delivery systems of herbal drugs

Mayank Chaturvedi, Manish Kumar, Amit Sinhal, Alimuddin Saifi


Novel technologies have been developed recently for drug delivery systems. The use of herbal formulations for novel drug delivery systems is more advantageous and has more benefits compared to others. The use of liposome, ethosome, phytosomes, emulsion, microsphere, solid lipid nanoparticles of herbal formulation has enhanced the therapeutic effects of plant extracts. With the use of all these, targeted delivery of the formulation is achieved, due to which the formulation demonstrates effect on the site, and the bioavailability of the formulation is also increased. With these novel drug delivery systems, the actives and extracts which are used in
herbal formulations demonstrate enhancement in stability, sustained release of formulation, protection from toxicity and improved therapeutic efficacy. The main purpose of developing alternative drug delivery technologies is to increase efficiency of drug delivery and safety in the process of drug delivery and provide more convenience for the patient. The present paper includes information about novel formulations of herbal formulations.
Key words: Emulsion, ethosome, herbal drugs, liposome, microsphere, nanoparticles, solid lipid nanoparticle

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